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Nothing is off Limits!

14 years or so ago, I started blogging about organizing. I had one child and slew of medical problems that forced me to be as organized as humanly possible. I never knew when the next shoe would drop and I'd be back in the ER or in the hospital for more surgery.

Fast forward to 2021 now with 4 kids ages 19, 13, 13, & 9, my approach to organization, efficiency and overall life has drastically changed.

Sometimes the things we least want to talk about, those topics we try to avoid, need to be the topics we need to be talking about the most. We're going to be addressing many of those hard topics and more on this blog. In particular "the psychology of clutter," and what it does to our mental health.

So come and sit a spell. Hang out if you'd like. Because no topic is off limits except for those topics that are off limits, lol.

Grab a coke and read a while.

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